War Field Spying Robot Using Wireless Camera

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Based War Field Spying Robot Using Wireless Camera is an embedded system using by military for spying.

As an essential constituent of many associations’ security and safety precedence, surveillance has established its importance and benefits numerous times by providing immediate supervising of possessions, people, environment, and property.

This project deals with the design approach of an Embedded Real-Time Security System Based on Raspberry Pi for intruder observation that reinforces surveillance technology to provide essential security to our life and associated control.

The proposed robotic unit is used for video surveillance of remote places as well as remote control of the unit using Bluetooth as a medium. Raspberry pi serves as a server as well as the microprocessor for the system.

An embedded web server creates an easy way for monitoring & controlling any device which is in a remote place. The proposed security solution hinges on our novel integration of cameras and obstacle detector into the web application.

Raspberry Pi operates and controls obstacle detector and pi camera for remote sensing and surveillance, streams live video and records it for future playback.

This research is focused on developing a surveillance system that helps the property owners to monitor the place to avoid intruders by using pi camera and wireless Bluetooth technology for remote control.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Based War Field Spying Robot Using Wireless Camera

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