Managing passwords is a significant problem for most people in the modern world. Passwords are a critical part of the information and network security. Passwords serve as primary authentication methods to protect user accounts but a poorly chosen password, if compromised, could put the entire network at risk.

Many users do not understand why good passwords and password management are important for information systems. “We’re secure! We use passwords!” How many of us have heard this claim? Or even “We’re secure! We have a password policy!” Using a password or having a password policy in today’s world of computing is not enough. Understanding and practicing the policy is important to keep accounts secure. In this project research, the author has conducted a survey to check password habits for user accounts on 200 academy staff, non-academy, and students.

This survey allowed the author to understand the password habits of users according to the sensitivity of their account, also reveals some critical issues associated with password choice. As a result, data on password strength, the types and lengths of passwords chosen, and how they vary by site or sensitivity of account has been considered.

Furthermore, recommendations are given based on different aspects of the users` requirements. Hopefully, the result of this research project will be valuable to users who want to use password policy for securing user accounts.

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