Solar Motor to Alternator Power Generating System

The Solar Motor to Alternator Power Generating System is a two-group member project to build a prototype of the system. The project is designed to generate power of around 1000Watts from both the solar panel and the motor to the alternator part of the system.

The motor used the battery as its primary source of power to start running creating mechanical output, and the created mechanical energy is converted into electricity by an alternator looped to it by the use of a rubber belt.

This generated electrical power, in turn, supplies the motor with the surplus to charge the battery and supply other loads on the system, The solar part supplements the system as another alternative source of power, it also charges the battery with the help of the control charger.

The system has the inverter to convert the generated DC power from both sources to a usable AC power for most of the home appliances, there is also a provision for DC loads on the system.

The system is metal cased and well ventilated to allow free circulation of air dissipating the heat generated from each individual unit

Design and Implementation of Solar Motor to Alternator Power Generating System

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