Smart Tap System using Raspberry Pi 3

This project is to build a Smart Tap System using Raspberry Pi 3. The Smart tap system is more advanced than the conventional hand wash, and it is designed to improve life by having a more convenient hand wash system. For instance, the water, soap, and dryer are integrated all into the system.

The machine controls the water tap automatically in sequence using the raspberry pi 3 microcontroller.

The project is using ultrasonic sensors to detect the object placed before it. The project was created and implemented as an automatic water dispenser prototype based on a raspberry titled smart tap system.

The system uses ultrasonic sensors, Raspberry Pi 3 as a controller or data processor, electrically gallon pump functioning as valves open/close is driven by a DC motor with a DC, Relay, which moves the current / voltage using large current/voltage is small.

The smart tap system is used to turn over water from the source point to the usage point efficiently and avoids human error. Automated water supply can be cost-effectively done through an embedded system.

The smart tap system is actually a smart system as the people who wish to wash their hands or drink water don’t need tum ON the water tap.

Design and Implementation of Smart Tap System using Raspberry Pi 3

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