Connectadabara school’s web-based system is an efficient, easy, and reliable way of storing records for use any time they are required. The search button enables you to find details of any pupil as fast as possible. The system comprises of admitting, add the result. Add finance, check- individual finance, and many more. The Connectadabara school web-based system was mainly designed to easy and digitalize work in admitting pupils, adding results.

The system is cost-effective, provides security to data entered. It enables automatic handling of pupils’ records. It was designed using visual studio, SQL server using as the major programming language and SQL queries to link the interface to the database. T

his chapter covers the current methods of keeping records in different schools on their degree of effectiveness in keeping records it also covers the ways and means used in designing and implementing the CSWS. This report involves an explanation of the data collection method and technique that has been used to collect data from Edurary Institute of Technology staff the technique we used to collect data such as (observation, interview, questioner, and experimental) to collect data. Many systems are available to keep records in schools the main conclusion of this study the effectiveness of the system varies with each method involved and the optimal records management methods combine several ways in a random fashion. Manual operated record management systems were commonly used methods.

In Africa, manual methods are considered to be low cost. This chapter describes how the prototypes on CSWS were designed and integrated together as one main interface. We used forms from visual studio to design and implement CSWS functions (admitting student, search for the student, handle student finance, add school fees, school expenditure, logout, login ). The CSWS used the SQL server database to store user records.

This report includes the result that has been produced from the data collection method we used techniques such as (observation technique, questioner technique, interview technique, experimental technique) each technique had its own data collection method as it also follows its own result along the way so this chapter will show the result of each technique that has been used to help to produce our design and implementation of our school management system.

This report also involves the conclusion and recommendations that have been produced after using the data collection technique and its result to implement the final design of CSWS.



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