Rural Smart Paddock Farming Control System

The main objective of this project is to design and implement a rural smart paddock farming control system using Atmega328p that is in position to detect motion of animals using PIR sensor, the automatic time interval of opening and closure of paddock gates, counts, display the number of animals (livestock) as they move from one paddock system to another cross the infrared beam on an LCD.

This report consists of five chapters;

Chapter One-Introduction: It gives a brief introduction and background for this project.

Chapter two-Literature review: It gives an overview of the literature of all components used to build up the project.

Chapter three-Methodology: It explains the system design, i.e., architecture and interfacing of the devices used. Chapter four-Results and discussion: Describes the results and output of the system.

Chapter five-Conclusions and Future Scope: It gives the conclusions drawn from this project and brief ideas about future development works that can be undertaken.

Design and Implementation of a Rural Smart Paddock Farming Control System

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