Patient Medication Reminder Circuit

Patient Medication Reminder Circuit Using ATMEGA328/P Microcontroller is to help the doctor and patients on the schedule of how and when to take their drugs.

This project patient medication reminder is a system that helps in medication administration and monitoring. This system consists of an ATMEGA328P microcontroller with an inbuilt EEPROM and a real-time circuit.

This system is driven by an embedded program that inputs predefined parameters that are processed based on the input variables entered via a user interface device such as the keypad.

All the entries made on the keypad are concurrently and simultaneously displayed on the LCD panel of the device.

The logic for the processing is built into the embedded program to initiate the alert through an audio alarm. Not only does it have an alarm system, but also an LCD that displays the medicine to be taken at the reminder time.

Patient Medication Reminder Circuit Using ATMEGA328/P Microcontroller: Design and Implementation

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