Load Control Hybrid Power System

Renewable energy sources provide a reliable source of electrical power at a low cost. Load Control Hybrid Power System In Uganda, solar energy, especially in remote areas, is becoming too common since it is cheap and easy to install and use.

Solar energy has some drawbacks, which are addressed in the project’s design by providing the backup, which is the wind energy source. Odupi sub-county in the Arua district receives a bi-rainfall pattern with average total rainfall of 1250 – 1267 mm. The area experiences two seasonal rainfall periods less rain between April and October.

The dry season is between December and March. The rain is associated with the northern and the southern movements of the inter-tropical front, so, during this period, solar energy is little, making it unreliable.

So due to the prevailing wind from east to west with frequent wind storms during the dry season, wind energy generation is efficient during the dry season; hence, this power is stored and used when the solar has run out of power.

The load controls hybrid power system using an android application is cost-effective. Reliable, effective, pollution-free, and environment friendly, which uses two solar energy sources and wind energy sources to generate electricity. One of the sources acts as the backup supply, which makes the system more reliable.

Android Platform Based Smart Grid Hybrid Load Control System

The system consists of a solar panel and wind turbine to generate power, a battery charger to control the charges that flow to the DC backup battery, the inverter, which changes DC power to AC power.

The relays switch that switches ON/OFF the loads when they receive a controlling signal from the phone, Bluetooth module that receives signals from the phone, microcontroller that receives the signal from the Bluetooth module, and commands the relays and loads are controlled automatically using the developed android application.

The design process yielded the anticipated positive results as the design worked perfectly as per the proposed concept.

Design and Implementation of Load Control Hybrid Power System using Android Application

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