Embedded Automotive Control System

This research Embedded Automotive Control System was done in the field of automotive safety.

As headlights are the major important thing in night drives, the intensity of headlight as per sunlight has to be taken care of, which is not available in automotive.

This prototype of an embedded automotive control system is made by using Arduino, sensors, LEDs, and other accessories. A prototype of a multi-featured headlight system consisting of turning the headlight on, off provides the facility of automatic switching of the headlight from low beam to high-intensity beam in poor weather conditions, obstacle alert, and keyless controlling.

Also, this model eliminates the requirement of the manual switch by the driver as switching takes place automatically. This model brought three different features of the headlight system together. These features are automatic starting of a headlight in night conditions, automatic light intensity adjustment concerning the opposite light beam, and automatic switch ON during moist weather conditions.

This concept is beneficial in the automobile field of applications, which provides the driver’s safety during driving. The prototype has an automatic headlight intensity control system expected to dim the headlight to avoid this glare.

This beam causes temporary blindness to a person resulting in road accidents during the night. It was observed that the maximum spread angle of the headlight was 135˚. When the spread light from other sources reaches the sensor, its intensity would be very much reduced below the triggering threshold level.

The sensitivity of a photodetector determined the relationship between the light falling on the device and the resulting output signal.  While driving vehicles on the road during the nighttime, a clear perception of the road and traffic is obligatory. The probability of accidents has been increased considerably nowadays, especially during the night due to the heavy traffic and inappropriate night vision.

To ensure the safety of the drivers and passengers, various viable techniques such as the obstacle alert system were employed in automobiles. A lighting control system establishes communication between various system inputs and outputs associated with lighting control with the help of a central computing device.

These systems impart the right amount of luminance at night. The excessive headlight glare from the oncoming traffic deteriorates the driver’s eyesight, resulting in temporary visual impairment. 

Design and Implementation of Embedded Automotive Control System

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