This project describes the design and implementation of a Frequency Modulation bug, a device that picks voice signals and broadcasts them in the form of an analog signal that can be accessed using an FM radio. This device is designed to enable access to information that is discussed in secret that may be useful to another party for mainly security reasons. In this view, it is of high importance in intelligence systems in reducing some information gaps that may facilitate efficiency in evidence-based decision making. In this project, a transistor is used to modulate a voice signal from a microphone and transmit it with a carrier frequency produced through applying a voltage to a combination of a capacitor and inductor connected in parallel. The circuit outputs a continuous analog signal that is decoded using an FM radio set within the range of one hundred meters. Methods of developing long-lasting and powerful circuits like building a customized printed circuit board, use of more specialized inductors for proper frequency calculations among others are some of the key recommendations highlighted in this document. 


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