Learn XAMPP Bitnami

Learn XAMPP Bitnami

Learn XAMPP Bitnami for creating and testing websites or Web Applications – XAMPP is one of the widely used cross-platform web servers and XAMPP download can be for XAMPP for window or XAMPP for Linux and also XAMPP for MAC operation system, which helps developers to create and test their programs on a local webserver.

Learn XAMPP Bitnami

XAMPP is an AMP stack that lets you install Apache, MySQL, and PHP on your computer together with some other useful software. in this XAMPP Tutorial, we shall be answering the following related questions What is the use of XAMPP? – What is XAMPP and how it works? – How do I host a website using XAMPP? – How do I use XAMPP code?.

What you’ll learn:

  • XAMPP Bitnami Overview
  • XAMPP Install
  • Xampp Control Panel
  • Testing Xampp installation
  • Xampp vs Wamp vs Mamp vs lamp
  • Installation of wordPress using Xampp
  • How to Create a login page in php using Xampp
  • How to create MYSQL database using Xampp
  • How to Uninstalling Xampp Bitnami

Note: That we shall Keep updating this course with additional and updated content.


Before going through XAMPP tutorial in-depth, you must have a fundamental knowledge of web development languages like HTML, and PHP.


Our XAMPP tutorial is designed for the aspirants who want to test their website or application on a local host webserver. This tutorial will help those who want to build their career as front-end or web developers.


We assure you that it will resolve all your queries related to XAMPP, and you will not find any problem in this tutorial. Still, if there is any mistake or discrepancy, please post the problem in the contact form.