Automatic Power Supply from Four Different Source

The design of an Automatic Power Supply from Four Different Source using micro-controller is to make sure there is steady power supply.

This project is designed to automatically supply continuous power to a load through one of the four sources of supply that are: solar, mains, thermal, and wind when any one of them is unavailable.

The four switches represent the four causes. The switches are connected to an 8051 microcontroller of which they provide input signals. Whenever a switch is pressed, it shows the absence of that particular reference.

A relay driver is used that receives microcontroller generated output and switches that specific relay to provide the continuous power supply. A lamp or bulb is used as a load for demonstration purposes which draws power from the main.

When the primary fails to supply power, automatically the next available source is used like thermal. If thermal fails then the next one is used and so on. An LCD is used to show which power supply is on.

Design and Implementation of an Automatic Power Supply from Four Different Source Using Microcontroller

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